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DIY is better than finding a car wash, here is why

With hand car washes popping up all over the place, the temptation to go get your car quickly washed while you wait is an appeal. We’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t, and you should be doing it yourself;


Fresh water isn’t always used;
The large buckets of water you see being used tends to be the same bucket of water that was used to clean the filthy, off road 4×4 that went before your vehicle. If you want your car washed with dirt this is definitely a great way. We always recommend the two bucket method with a microfibre wash mitt.


There are many ways to dry a car badly;
Hand car washes don’t tend to use microfibre towels, instead they use chamois leathers which tend to have a similar problem to sponges with regards to trapping grit and then dragging it around. When you also consider that they are rarely rinsed out and normally just wrung out the probability of being contaminated with dirt is high.


You know your products;
Most importantly, when you do it yourself you know exactly what chemical are going on to your car. Cheaper chemicals can cause issues to the paintwork. Hand car washes tend to use a dilute of traffic film remover which if used properly can be OK but tend to spray the whole car with it with little regard to prior wax protection meaning your paintwork is exposed to day to day wear and the elements. Along with this we have also seen damaged chrome, plastic and rubber trim from this process.


You get to know your car;
You gain an understanding of your car, the paintwork and finishing. Having these insights allows you to take preventative measures before they become a real issue. For example; washing the car yourself and noticing a rust spot gives you time to take action before moisture gets underneath causing bigger issues.

If you’re new to washing your own car and want to know more, head over to our previous blog post to find out how to get started.