Can I use Axis on exterior and interior trim?

Yes, Axis is a very effective, multi-purpose dressing which is not only used on tyres. Axis is very good to use on rubber mats, interior and exterior trim and engine bay plastics. For interior trim and engine bays, we recommend wiping the surface dry after application.

Is Big Bang safe to use on wrapped cars?

Big Bang is safe to use on all vehicles as it is a unique, pH neutral formula, meaning it will not strip anything on the vehicle, including wax, polishes and ceramic coatings.

Will Nebula-X clean my wheels?

Nebula-X is a product mainly for use for removing fallout. It will to some degree clean your wheels, however, we recommend using this along side one of our other wheel cleaners.

Is Nebula-X safe to use on exterior paintwork?

Of course, Nebula-X is safe to use on exterior paintwork and glass to remove fallout. Please ensure that the vehicle is cool to the touch prior to application, and not to let the product dry or bake on any surface.

Can I use Gyrate neat?

No, Gyrate is a highly concentrated product which, when used neat, may strip and tarnish your wheels. This product is to be diluted before application. Dilute no less than 1:3 parts water for heavily soiled wheels, 1:9 for medium soiling and 1:12 for lightly soiled wheels. If you like a ready to use product for your wheels then would recommend trying Evolution.

Is Hydrophobe a wax?

Hydrophobe is not a wax, however it does offer some protection. It is mainly used by detailers for the easy removal of water from the vehicle.

Is there a product I can use to remove swirl marks?

Yes, Supernova and especially Spectrum will remove swirl marks. Sparkle is not only an amazing finishing detailing spray, but is also amazing at removing light swirl marks, dust and fingerprints.

Can I use Aurora on tinted windows?

Aurora can be used on tinted windows, however, care must be taken when doing so. We recommend not spraying it directly onto the window, but onto your microfibre cloth first. For even more care, Aurora can be diluted to prevent any removal of window tints.

Is Electron safe to us on suede and Alcantara seats?

Yes, Electron is safe to use on all interior surfaces and fabrics. However, we always recommend testing products on a small, hidden area before applying to the whole surface.

Delivery & Returns
When will I get my order?

If you have placed an order with standard delivery, then we allow between 3-10 days for delivery. This may sound long, however due to COVID-19 and the HGV driver shortage there have been an increase of delays with delivery times.

Why haven’t I got my order when choosing next day delivery?

Orders that are placed for next day delivery before 10am Monday – Thursday should be received on the next working day. Orders placed after this time run the risk of missing the deadline of us booking the order out for delivery. Please note that the current COVID-19 and HGV driver shortage has impacted delivery times and to expect delays.

Why do hazardous products cost more for delivery?

The delivery charge for hazardous products are much greater due to the products having to be delivered and handled by a hazardous delivery service. These couriers are expertly trained in handling dangerous goods as well as delivering them.

Are returns free of charge?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free returns policy. It will be down to you, the consumer, to cover any postal and delivery charges. However, once the product(s) have been returned safely to us, we can issue a refund for the product(s).

Is there a deadline on when I can return an item for a refund?

Yes, we will only offer a refund on orders that have been returned within 30 days of purchase. If a returned product(s) has exceeded this time then we will not offer a refund. If it has returned to us after the 30 days, but you started the return before then, then we will ask for proof of this before a refund is made.

My Order
Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order with us before we have dispatched it. If we have already dispatched the order, unfortunately, we cannot cancel it. Once you have received the order and still do not want it, you can send it back to us for a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any delivery charges and any return costs will have to be covered by the customer.

Can I add to my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot add items to existing orders. You would have to place another order if you missed some items off your order.

Why have i not received an order confirmation?

Order confirmations are sent out automatically once an order is placed. If you have not yet received an email, please check your junk/spam folder.

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