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Introducing our Exterior Cleaning Kit. Consisting of 4 of our most necessary products; BIG BANG Citrus Pre-Wash, HYDRO FOAM, Shampoo, SPARKLE Detail Spray and NEBULA-X Fallout Remover. The perfect way to make great savings.

Please Note: These bundles cannot be purchased in conjunction with discount codes. SPARKLE detail spray contains silicone.

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Introducing a premium car cleaning bundle. Get great savings with our Molecular UK Exterior Kit.

Available in sizes 500mls, 1L and 5L.


Products Included:

1 X BIG BANG Citrus Pre-Wash

1 X HYDRO FOAM Shampoo

1 X SPARKLE Detail Spray

1 X NEBULA-X Fallout Remover


Product Description:

• BIG BANG: A non-hazardous solution used for the easy removal of dirt, bugs, grime and traffic film. A pre-wash that is safe to use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, wheels, plastic vinyl & rubber. Big Bang can be diluted with up to 10 parts water for lighter soiling.

• HYDRO FOAM: a concentrated, neutral pH vehicle shampoo which is used after the pre-wash stage. Leaves your vehicle cleansed and bathed. Hydro Foam will not strip any waxes or sealants making it safe and easy to use.

• SPARKLEThe ultimate, quick finishing detailer. Leaves a showroom shine to a freshly cleaned vehicle, removing Fingerprints, watermarks & blemishes. A must have product for all detailers. This product contains silicone

• NEBULA-X: A colour changing spray on, wash off wheel cleaner and fallout remover. The easiest and safest way to clean your wheels. Safe to use on all wheel types including alloys. Can also be used on the vehicle body work to breakdown and remove fallout.


Great company & superb products. Review via Trustpilot
Anthony Elliot (Becton Detailing Supplies)
Have only just started using Molecular and am very impressed with their Valeting products . The service from Jordan was 100%. Review via Trustpilot
Paul Eadle (P&N Vehicle Detailing)
Highly recommended. If you didn't try Molecular yet,you should ORDER NOW!!! Since I tried their products and see the awesome results, dropped the other companies and switched to Molecular. I'm using their products not just on my car,they usable all around the house too. Review via Trustpilot
András Nagy