Ceramic Foam

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HYDRO SEAL is an easy to use coating for use in conjunction with a foaming making equipment. Seals your vehicle paintwork with a durable hydrophobic coating that creates incredible water beading. Also helps maintain and boost current coatings, waxes, polishes and other sealants.

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Additional Information

Introducing HYDRO SEAL, our ceramic snow foam, to the Molecular UK Vehicle Care Range. Hydro Seal is a unique ceramic (Si02) infused sealant that is to applied via a snow foam bottle and other foam making equipment. This incredible water based formulation adds a protective layer onto the vehicle’s paintwork to improve gloss and water beading.

Not only does Hydro Seal add a protective coating to un-coated vehicles, it also helps maintain and improve existing coatings. These include ceramic and graphene coatings, waxes, polishes and other sealants. Suitable for domestic, commercial and professional valet work.



Easy to use via snow foam cannon

Can also be used via low pressure spray

Helps maintain gloss

Impressive hydrophobic properties

Assists with drying the vehicle

Maintains and boosts current coatings, waxes, polishes and sealants

Spray on, wash off formulation



Dilute 1:4 for first time coating (no current protection)

Dilute 1:9 for maintenance washes (maintain current protection)

Always shake well before use

  1. Ensure vehicle has been fully cleaned and is wet.
  2. Apply preferred solution to the vehicle, avoid contact with glass (windscreen and windows) if you can.
  3. Leave for no longer than 2 minutes.
  4. Wash off with clean high pressure water


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