Waterless Wash & Shine

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A highly effective formulation that cleans your vehicle without having to use any water. Mirage leaves vehicles looking clean and fresh using just the product and microfibre cloths. A very safe and easy product to use. Ideal for keeping on top of your vehicles pristine look. Great for the removal of bird droppings and atmospheric pollution.

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Waterless Car Wash

Additional Information

For years we have been asked if we made a Waterless Car Wash type product. One that you spray on your car with a trigger spray and then wipe off with a cloth. We were always very sceptical about this type of product and chose not to make one in favour of the more traditional method of car washing. However, due to the increase in demand for this type of product, we have succumbed to the idea and took on the task of formulating our own version of this new craze. Introducing, Mirage.

We believe we have gone one better as ours contains some of the key ingredients used in our Sparkle detailing spray to leave the car not only clean, but topped off with a glistening shine. Mirage is the ultimate dry wash & detail spray in one product. No water required, simply spray on and wipe off, then buff to leave a polished finish. It takes just 15 minutes to clean an average sized car. Our product is uniquely coloured, has a pleasant lemon citrus perfume, is pH neutral and contains Nano type silicones to give that gloss finish.


  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Apply a small amount of Mirage to a small panel or section of your vehicle at a time. Do not allow to dry.
  3. Wipe the applied surface with a clean microfibre cloth.
  4. Buff with a separate clean microfibre cloth.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the whole vehicle is complete.
  6. Repeat if necessary.

If you would like products for your own brand, check out our whit label company Powerclean Chemicals Ltd.

Hazards and Warnings

CONTAINS SILICONE. It is advised to change your cloths frequently throughout the cleaning process. Ensure the vehicle is cool to the touch prior to application. Do not use in extreme weather conditions. Do not use in direct sunlight. Although this product is considered non-hazardous in normal use, care should be taken to avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Wash spillages away with plenty of water.


Have only just started using Molecular and am very impressed with their Valeting products . The service from Jordan was 100%. Review via Trustpilot
Paul Eadle (P&N Vehicle Detailing)
Highly recommended. If you didn't try Molecular yet,you should ORDER NOW!!! Since I tried their products and see the awesome results, dropped the other companies and switched to Molecular. I'm using their products not just on my car,they usable all around the house too. Review via Trustpilot
András Nagy
Products get the thumbs up from me. Mirage doesn't powder up (which I hate) and was easy to use and buff. Both cars were cleaned and drew plenty of attention. Review via email
Mel Gray