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TRACTOR SHAMPOO – High Foaming Shampoo

TRACTOR SHAMPOO – High Foaming Shampoo

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A highly concentrated, high foaming, shine enhancing Tractor Shampoo. Leaves your vehicle bathed and cleansed perfectly. Tractor Shampoo is a biodegradable, pH neutral formula that is safe to use on all surfaces. Will not strip any protection including wax, ceramic coatings and other sealants.

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Additional Information

Tractor Shampoo is a thick shampoo, used to bathed and cleanse your tractor perfectly, leaving behind the perfect shine. This pH neutral shampoo has been formulated to lather your tractor with its thick and foamy trail when applied. It is safe to use on vehicle body work as it does not strip any previous protection used on the vehicle, including waxes and sealants. Iridescence is highly concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way. This product is to be used after the pre-wash stage. Perfect for the cleaning of all Agricultural vehicles, including tractors, loaders, combine harvesters, trailers, and more.

For best results use the 2 bucket method, one with the solution in, another of just water to wash any excess dirt from your wash mitt in stages during the application. Use grit guards if you have them.

  1. Add a squirt (roughly 2-5 caps) of Tractor Shampoo into a bucket of water, use a grit guard if you have one.
  2. Dunk your wash mitt/brush in the solution then apply to the vehicle bodywork.
  3. Wipe the vehicle top to bottom with your wash mitt/brush. If you are using the recommended 2 bucket method, frequently rinse your wash mitt in the second bucket of water.
  4. Once your vehicle has been fully lathered, wash off with a pressure washer or hose then dry.

Hazards and Warnings

Ensure the vehicle is wet prior to application. Do not allow the product to dry on your vehicle. Although this product is not considered hazardous in normal use, care should be taken to avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Wash spillages away with water.


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