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What is TFR?

All vehicles, big or small, are exposed to contaminants every day. Things like bird droppings, tar, dirt, mud and dust will all fall and stick to your vehicle at some point. If you are someone, like us, who use their car every day you will realise that all these contaminants combine onto your vehicle body work, creating a slight grey looking film that not only sticks to the vehicle, but can be extremely hard to get off. This is called traffic film. Not only is it just the contaminants that were mentioned above, but you would be surprised at the number of other contaminants that are classed as traffic film. Even sand, iron, soot, carbon deposits, grease, tree sap you name it, they are all classed as traffic film.

If you clean your vehicle regularly you will know how hard it can be to remove these contaminants that we refer to as traffic film. There are so many great options we have that are brilliant at removing traffic film, from Big Bang citrus pre-wash to Cyclone snow foam, but the best type of product for the job would be a TFR.

TFR stands for traffic film remover, and it does exactly what the name suggests. There are so many different traffic films out there on the market these days, from TFR with added rinse aids to high foaming TFRs even to low foaming TFRs, you name it, there’s loads. We have been manufacturing a wide variety of TFRs for over 40 years so there would not be a TFR we haven’t come across. Our TFRs are unique, however.

We have been carefully formulating and mastering these different ranges of TFRs over the years and are proud to finally offer these great products to you. Whether it be a mild TFR that won’t be harmful to your car body work to use at home, or a high quality strong TFR to remove all the traffic film from your lorry that has been on the road for weeks, below we will select 5 different TFRs we make and detail it’s benefits and it’s be intended use.


G-FORCE – High Active TFR

Titan is probably one of our favourite and most popular TFRs. It is strong enough to remove all traffic film from your vehicle, but when diluted properly, will not be harmful to your paintwork. This unique TFR is mainly for use in conjunction with a high pressure cleaning system (or pressure washer) but can also be diluted into a low pressure spray before application. The best thing about this great product is that not only does it cut through and dissect the traffic film, but it also leaves a surprisingly vibrant shine. Whether you intend to use Titan for your HGV lorry or your home vehicle, simply dilute to the strength you require and blast away!


GRAUPEL– High Foaming TFR

You are probably well aware of snow foam. Lather your vehicle in foam, or “snow”, and watch the product break down and loosen all the dirt then wash off without having to agitate it. Well wouldn’t it be great to make that into a TFR for use on HGV’s? Look no further than Graupel. This high active, high foaming TFR smothers your vehicle in foam and as it clings to the bodywork, all the materials we put inside the solution help to breakdown and remove traffic film without agitation.

NEU-PRO – Neutral pH TFR

If you are a little apprehensive about using a TFR on your vehicle because of the slight chance of damaging your paintwork, then Neutron is the product for you. This great TFR is great for use as a beginner as it is neutral pH, meaning there’s not a lot in there that can affect your vehicle. Don’t worry though, it has still been specially formulated so you still get great washing power from it. This product is so good that it foams up nicely, spreading the solution over a greater area so you have much better coverage. Not only does this Neutron clean brilliantly, removing oil and grease, it also helps maintain your vehicles great paintwork shine and is safe to use on ceramic coatings.


LEGION – Multi-Purpose TFR

Legion is one of, if not the most popular TFR in our range. Not only is it a really high quality product, but it’s not going to break the bank either. This awesome product is mainly for use in conjunction with high pressure cleaning systems (pressure washers) and can also be applied via low pressure spray. Not only is Universal great at cleaning your bodywork, but it also makes a chassis cleaner & degreaser. So if you are looking for a great, cost effective TFR to use on your fleet then Universal is the product for you.


TILT CLEAN – Heavy Duty TFR & Degreaser

The last TFR on the list has to be one of the strongest and toughest TFRs on the range. This truly amazing formulation is suitable for any cleaning task, it not only removes traffic film, but can also be used as a degreaser and tough sanitiser. Tilt Clean is an excellent TFR for MOT & HGV curtain washing, along with cleaning alloy wheels & aluminium as well. Due it’s strength and the added biocidal agents we have infused into the formulation, Molecular HS is a great sanitiser for food & farming cleaning, removing fats, proteins, blood and other contaminants.

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