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PINE DISINFECTANT – Hard Surface Disinfectant

PINE DISINFECTANT – Hard Surface Disinfectant

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A hard surface disinfectant. Suitable for commercial and industrial settings. Intended for use on all hard surfaces including floors, walls and much more.

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Additional Information

Pine Disinfectant is a cleaner and sanitiser for use on hard surfaces. Perfect for industrial and commercial settings. An ideal sanitiser for use on floors and walls where a good standard of hygiene and cleanliness is paramount.

  • For general applications dilute 125mls per 5 litres of water (1-40 parts water or 2.5%).
  • For certain areas, this concentration may be increased or used undiluted if required.
  • Apply by mop, bucket & sponge, pressure washer or your preferred application method.
  • Wipe dry if necessary.

Hazards and Warnings

HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. HARMFUL TO AQUATIC ORGANISMS. MAY CAUSE LONG-TERM ADVERSE EFFECTS IN THE AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advise immediate (show label where possible). Avoid release to the environment.


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