Noodle Microfbre Wash Mitt

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PULSAR is a microfibre wash mitt with larger “noodles” than standard noodle wash mitts. The extended noodles are intended to trap dirt further into the wash mitt, reducing the chances of swirls and scratches. Made with super soft microfibres for an effortless clean.

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Additional Information

The PULSAR noodle wash mitt is made with ultra soft microfibres to ensure a safe and swirl-free clean. With its extended “noodles”, the Pulsar mitt traps dirt further into the wash mitt and not onto your vehicle. These longer noodles are roughly 40% longer than standard noodle wash mitts.

Pulsar noodle wash mitt will make shampooing your vehicle effortless, with the soft microfibres holding more soap suds than standard wash mitts. This will ensure that the mitt glides across the surface with no fuss.

Made to the highest standard, you can rely on Pulsar’s durability. It comes equipped with a ultra soft insulated liner and has an elastic, double stitched cuff for user convenience.

Pulsar works best when used with any Molecular UK shampoos. Use on vehicle paintwork, bodywork, wheels, tyres, glass and grills.

Size: 280mm X 200mm


Molecular UK is a division of Powerclean Chemicals Ltd.


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