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TARVOS – Tar & Glue Remover

TARVOS – Tar & Glue Remover

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A solvent based fluid used for the removal of tar, glue & bitumen. Dissolves almost instantly, making it quick and easy to use. Use Tarvos to get rid of contaminants to reduce the risk of scratching. Safe to use on all vehicle exterior surfaces and can also remove undercoating overspray.

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Additional Information

Tarvos is a solvent based product formulated for the removal of tar, glue and bitumen. It dissolves almost instantly meaning it is quick and easy to use. The purpose of this product is to remove these containments to reduce the risk of scratching on your vehicle. It is also very effective on undercoating overspray and most sticky residues you may have on the vehicles surface. It is safe to use on all modern painted and powder coated surfaces, glass, solvent resistant plastic and metal. It is advised to test sample a small amount of this product on a surface, preferably somewhere out of sight, before using on the required position. Do not leave to dry or bake on any surface.

Directions For Use:
  1. Ensure the surface you would like to apply to is clean and dry.
  2. Apply Tarvos to the affected area by spray or cloth and allow time to dissolve.
  3. Wipe away with a clean microfibre cloth or wash away with pressure water.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Do not allow to dry on the surface.

Hazards and Warnings

Do not allow product to dry or bake on the surface. Do not use in extreme temperature, or in direct sunlight. Flammable liquid and vapour. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Causes skin irritation. May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life. Keep out of the reach of children. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a doctor or physician. IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water. Do NOT consume liquid, vapour or spray. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. UN1993 FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS N.O.S.


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