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ROCKET MAN – Detailing Towel

ROCKET MAN – Detailing Towel

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An ultra soft microfibre car detailing and buffing towel. Made nice and thick to trap dirt and reduce the risk of scratching the paintwork. 700gms. 40cm X 40cm.

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The Rocket Man microfibre towel is a high quality car detailing towel at a great price. Ultra plush and features a thick pile to lift, trap and hold dirt particles away from your car’s bodywork. The silk border ensures paint will not get scratched or marred as you rub it across the surface.

Rocket man is a double-sided buffing towel. Use the grey side for the initial wipe, then flip it to the blue side for buffing. This ensures you don’t confuse the clean side of the towel for the dirty side and accidentally scratch your vehicle’s finish. It is thick enough to trap dirt and dust particles, so it won’t cause unwanted drag which could potentially scratch the finish.

Size: 40cm x 40cm (16 x 16 inches)


Go to the best, Go to Source. I use these products within my detailing business and beyond. I am continually recommending products to customers and friends within the automotive sector. Molecular products are also amazing for commercial spills on the go & at HOME! (No this is not a paid review) Proud to fly the molecular flag. Review via Trustpilot
Danny Kiteley (Motive Detailing)
Placed my first order and was really impressed with the products and the service! I've tried every cleaning product on the market and this is miles above them all and great value for money!. Review via Trustpilot
Harry Harvey
Products get the thumbs up from me. Mirage doesn't powder up (which I hate) and was easy to use and buff. Both cars were cleaned and drew plenty of attention. Review via email
Mel Gray