Bug & Insect Remover

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A highly concentrated product used to remove bugs and insects from paintwork, glass and headlights. Cuts through dirt, grime and traffic film with ease. Buzz Off can be diluted for lightly soiled areas.

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Additional Information

Buzz Off is a highly concentrated bug & insect remover. Use to remove bugs, insects, dirt and traffic film from exterior paintwork, windows/glass (inc mirrors), headlights, rubber, PVC and metals. Also removes stubborn bug residue that cannot be easily visible. Bug & insect residue can become damaging to vehicle paintwork due to its acidity. This can effect vehicle paintwork and etch into your clear coat.

Buzz Off bug & insect remover is safe on protective layers such as ceramic coatings, wax, polishes and sealants when used correctly.

If using on heavily soiled areas, try diluting the product 1:1 before using neat.



HEAVY SOILING: Use neat or dilute 1:1

MEDIUM SOILING: Dilute up to 1:10

LIGHT SOILING: Dilute up 1:50


  1. Use to the strength required.
  2. Spray onto the affected area (do not allow to dry on the surface).
  3. Allow up to 5 minutes dwell time (DO NOT allow product to dry or bake onto the surface).
  4. Wash off with clean, high pressure water.


If you would like products for your own brand, check out our white label company; Powerclean Chemicals Ltd.

Hazards and Warnings

DO NOT allow to dry or bake onto the vehicle. DO NOT apply to a hot vehicle. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight. Causes skin and eye irritation. DO NOT get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with clean water for several minutes. Keep out of reach of children.


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