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How to Clean Your Own Car – Wheels

Wheel cleaning is an essential phase within the car detailing process, and mastering the procedure along with the appropriate products is crucial. Molecular is here to offer assistance and suggest top-tier choices.

Your car’s wheels are particularly prone to accumulating road dirt and a hefty dose of brake dust. The extent of build-up varies based on your cleaning frequency and contamination exposure between washes, but any contaminants will undoubtedly detract from your vehicle’s appearance.

Fortunately, eradicating these pollutants during your wash is straightforward by following these steps and utilizing our recommended products.

Step 1 | Decontamination

During the decontamination step, wheel cleaner is the simplest solution, even for stubbornly attached dirt, iron, and fallout. Nebula-X and Evolution are user-friendly choices: spray the product onto the wheel, starting from the bottom and covering the alloy surface as you work your way up. Treating one wheel at a time enables you to watch for the chemical reaction as the iron “bleeds” from the rim, manifesting as a deep red hue.

Step 2 | Agitation

For more obstinate contaminants, it’s advisable to “agitate” the product onto the stains and within the harder-to-reach areas such as brake calipers. A Pulsar Wash Mitt is a prudent choice if safeguarding your alloys is a priority during agitation. Alternatively, the EZ Go Detail Brush features soft bristles that prevent scratching while cleaning small spaces, affording you the flexibility to select your preferred method.

Step 3 | Wash

Once content with the extent of coverage and agitation during the process, ensure a thorough rinsing to remove the product. While a garden hose suffices, a pressure washer ensures complete removal.

Step 4 | Dressing

While not essential, we’ve included the tire dressing stage for those seeking glossy wheel aesthetics to emulate on their own vehicle. Axis grants protection for plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces for up to 3 months. For the slick, high-gloss tyre finish, Carbon Black Tyre Shine is recommended.

Cleaning your wheels couldn’t get any simpler than that! Following our simple steps should allow you to see an improvement in the results of your pre-existing wash process.

To delve into the wheel cleaning experience, explore our comprehensive wheels & tyres range here and discover the perfect fit for your needs!

How to Valet Your Own Car – Interior

When you delve into the task of valeting the inside of your car, you’ll truly appreciate the results of your hard work. By employing the right products and adopting a patient approach, you can achieve professional outcomes that will make the interior of your car feel brand new.

Essential Items for Interior Car Valeting

Tips for Valeting Your Car’s Interior

Vacuuming the Carpet and Seats:

Start by eliminating dirt and dust, paying special attention to the seats and carpets. Use a vacuum cleaner with brush head and crevice attachments to effectively lift dirt and clean hard-to-reach areas. Work your way from the top of the car downwards, employing a lifting motion to remove dirt and debris from the upholstery and carpets. Be cautious when using plastic vacuum tools on leather seats to avoid scratching the material. If there are dirt particles embedded in the carpet pile, avoid scrubbing vigorously with the brush attachment to prevent damage. Instead, continue with a gentle lifting action and follow up with a carpet cleaner to eliminate any remaining debris.

Cleaning Leather and Upholstery:

Valeting the inside of your car involves cleaning the carpets and seats, which many people neglect to do regularly. The effort is worth it for the fresh, clean appearance and scent it imparts. To tackle carpets, use a powerful cleaner like Textile Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, which effectively penetrates surfaces to remove ingrained dirt and debris, leaving your car’s carpets looking clean and smelling fresh.

Detailing the Rest of the Cabin:

Once you’re satisfied with the seats and carpets, shift your focus to the dashboard and other interior surfaces. Cleaning areas such as the steering wheel, touchscreen, armrests, dash, glovebox, gearstick, and handbrake can significantly enhance the appearance and feel of your car, while also eliminating germs and bacteria. Utilize an Interior Cleaner like Molecular’s own Electron to wipe down surfaces like the steering wheel and touchscreens, followed by a dedicated dash cleaning product for a polished finish on the dashboard. These products will cleanse and restore the plastic while providing a desired gloss or matte finish.

Additional Tips for Car Interior Valeting:

Use a proper glass cleaner like Aurora to clean the inside windows, ensuring a streak-free finish and optimal clarity, especially when fog has built up from the air conditioning system. Finally, consider adding a finishing touch with the pleasant fragrance of Bananadine or Rhodamine Interior Dressing Sprays. For further guidance on valeting your car like a pro, refer to our comprehensive guide on cleaning the exterior of your car.

And there you have it—a comprehensive guide to valeting the interior of your car. For professional results every time you clean your car, you can rely on Molecular. For more information or to explore our complete product range, please visit our homepage.

How to Clean Your Own Car – Exterior

Many people regularly clean their cars, both inside and out. However, in the realm of car detailing and maintenance, there’s clean, and then there’s clean, and that’s where valeting comes into play.

Valeting surpasses the simple act of washing a car. It caters to enthusiasts who take pleasure in meticulously cleaning and detailing their vehicles, as well as those who aspire to restore their cars to a like-new condition. It goes beyond using a bucket and sponge for a basic shampoo and involves employing various products and tools to thoroughly clean and protect every aspect of the vehicle, inside and out.

Although car valeting may sound like a professional service, you can achieve the same results at home with the appropriate products. This guide will walk you through the process.

Exterior Car Valeting

If you’re eager to enhance the appearance of your car to its original splendour, these exterior valeting tips will help you clean, protect, and achieve a stunning shine in no time.

What You’ll Need to Valet the Outside of Your Car:


Tips for Valeting Your Car’s Exterior

Cleaning and Drying the Paintwork Like a Pro:

Start at the top and work your way down using a pressure washer to remove as much dirt and debris from the wheels as possible. To properly clean alloy wheels and remove stubborn brake dust, use a dedicated wheel cleaner like our Evolution Wheel Cleaner, which can also be used on the bodywork. After the pre-wash, thoroughly clean your car using the two-bucket wash method (one bucket for shampoo, another for the sponge). For cleaning alloy wheels, a microfiber wheel brush is ideal for reaching difficult areas and ensuring a thorough clean to prevent corrosion over time. Dry your car using soft microfiber towels followed by a chamois leather for a final touch.

Polishing, Waxing, and Detailing:

Once the paintwork is dry, it’s time for polishing. Car polish removes swirl marks and light scratches, giving the paint a uniform appearance. Apply polish on one panel at a time using a dry microfiber cloth, working in smooth circular motions. Allow the product to dry to a haze before buffing each panel for a high shine. After polishing, apply wax to restore the protective layer of the paintwork. Car wax seals and protects against dirt and deposits while providing a deep, showroom-like shine. Apply wax panel by panel, using a circular motion. Buff off the wax to achieve a high shine, preventing it from setting hard on the paintwork and leaving residue.

Complete the detailing process by addressing the following:

  • Trim: Restore the colour of faded plastic trim with Axis Tyre and Trim Dressing, specifically designed for rejuvenating plastic and rubber surfaces.
  • Tyres: Give your tyres an instant shine and long-lasting protection using the same product.
  • Glass: Clean the windows with a dedicated glass cleaner like Aurora to ensure maximum visibility, removing grease, grime, and streaks left behind after washing